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Taras W. Didenko, MD, PC

Dr. Didenko was born in Ukraine and moved to the United States in 1991 at the age of 18.  

He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Psychology with Highest Honors and completed residency in Psychiatry from Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago, where he also served as the Chief Resident.  During his training, he was recognized for excellence in education with outstanding teaching awards from the medical students at the Stritch School of Medicine.  

He became a staff member at ABBHH in 2009, where he continues to practice today, integrating inpatient as well as outpatient services into his practice.  Dr. Didenko enjoys playing tennis in his spare time.

Dr. Didenko is affiliated with Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital (ABBHH).


Elizabeth Maloy-Matuzik, Psy.D


Dr. Maloy-Matuzik attended undergraduate at Saint Xavier University and graduated, Summa Cum Laude, with a B.S. in Psychology and Clinical Counseling in 2002. She then entered the doctoral program at the Adler School of Professional Psychology and graduated as a Doctor of Psychology in 2009 with a specialty in Addiction and Recovery. 

While attending the Adler School, Dr. Maloy-Matuzik was able to engage in research with fellow students and her professor utilizing neuropsychological testing to address learning and behavioral disorders. This research was presented at several professional conferences. Dr. Maloy-Matuzik completed internships in community mental health, Forensic Psychology and Addiction while simultaneously working as a Police Crisis Worker in the Near West Suburbs of Chicago. 

Shortly after graduating from her doctoral program, Dr. Maloy-Matuzik became employed by Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital at the Center for Addiction Medicine, outpatient program. Dr. Maloy-Matuzik helped to develop program curriculum and was an ongoing presenter in their Family Night education program. Dr. Maloy-Matuzik remained in this role for just under 5 years before transitioning into private practice. She has recently returned as an allied staff member who provides therapy consults for inpatient clients. 

Dr. Maloy-Matuzik currently has 13 years of experience and, through her various career experiences, has adopted a client-centered approach to therapy. Dr. Maloy-Matuzik truly believes in developing a strong rapport with each client in order to facilitate the development and utilization of practical, pro-active treatment goals. Dr. Maloy-Matuzik aims to help each person find creative options to lead them towards confidence, peace and fulfillment. 

Dr. Maloy-Matuzik works with an adult population to address any of the following issues: Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and Recovery, Mood Disorders, Marriage and Pre-Marriage Counseling, Professional Communication, Life Adjustment Issues, Grief and Bereavement and Retirement Coaching.

Dr. Maloy-Matuzik does not have free time, as she’s often chasing two young daughters; however, she truly enjoys traveling, documentaries, and cooking. 

Dr. Matuzik is affiliated with Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital (ABBHH).


Eva Conty-Cuevas, APN

Eva graduated from Loyola in 2005. She communicates effectively both in Spanish and in English.  Additionally, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners has granted certification to Eva. She delivers comprehensive health care to individuals of varying ages.

Her personal and professional goal as a nurse practitioner is to encourage patients to play a more active role in making informed decisions by including them as a member of the healthcare team, helping to move them forward toward a more healthy and preventive lifestyle. Some of her specialties include performing preventive health counseling, smoking cessation, as well as, ordering, performing, and interpreting needed laboratory and diagnostic tests, and prescribing proper medication, as required.


Our professionals treat all forms of anxiety, mood, behavioral, and substance abuse disorders.  Our staff offer medication management, counseling, and therapy for a range of mental disorders, including attention deficit disorder (ADD), Alzheimer's, and other dementia.  Full psychological evaluation and testing as well as laboratory testing are available.  Treatment options for eating disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, problems at school, alcohol or drug abuse, bipolar disorder, panic disorders, depression, personality disorders, sexual dysfunctions and marital problems are available.  We offer plans of action for personal development and training for those who want to realize greater success and happiness in life.

Alcohol, Cocaine or Methamphetamine Problems?

We offer counseling and support as well as other services for those who have relapsed before, including naltrexone implants for assistance in recovery.  In addition, we offer individual, group, and couples counseling.

NeuroStar® Rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

We are proud to be a provider of NeuroStar® Rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for treatment of depression.  Clinical trials for its use in addictions and chronic pain are also underway.  rTMS offers a non-prescription FDA approved treatment for major depression.  Please refer to the links below for more information.

rTMS Information Page

rTMS Video as seen on the Dr. Oz Show

Article: News from Mayo Clinic

Article: O Magazine

Please note that by clicking on a link above, you will be redirected to an outside website. NeuroStar® is not affiliated with our practice but we do provide NeuroStar® TMS therapy treatment here in our office.  Providing these links does not constitute an endorsement of the information provided by NeuroStar® or other entities on these websites.  For informational purposes only.


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