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Global Center for TMS Therapy Schaumburg

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Welcome to Dr. Didenko's and Associates Practice!  We are a privately owned, state of the art integrative health and wellness practice unlike any other.  We are committed to delivering the best psychiatric and holistic treatment experience of wellness in a whole new way!

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves in their own minds and bodies but sometimes we just need a little help.  We offer a complete list of areas that you can use to improve your health and wellness.  At Dr. Didenko's and Associates we use a biopsychosocial model to understand the problem and to help with enhancing your innate potential for recovery.  

We performed over 250,000 TMS treatment sessions on patients who suffered from treatment resistant depression. TMS is: 

  • In-Office FDA approved treatment for Depression
  • Non-Drug, non-invasive & non-sedating
  • A stand-alone treatment or used together with medication
  • Covered by most insurance, including Medicare and TriCare

We are well established mental health professionals consisting of qualified therapist, addiction specialists and psychiatrists located  in the heart of Schaumburg near the Woodfield mall. 

Global Center for TMS Therapy in Schaumburg/Taras W. Didenko, MD, PC & Associates/Psychotherapy/addiction specialists/psychologists/psychiatrists in Schaumburg.

Who We Are


Our Medical Practice

Our practice consists of a group of Behavioral Health specialists including psychiatrists, therapists, and physician's assistants.

We are conveniently located near Woodfield Mall with easy access through major highways intersection of I-90 & Hwy 53.

Our experience enables us to offer effective outpatient, individualized, psychological care. We treat a number of mental health disorders, and provide a neutral ground to individuals, families, and couples. 


Our Team

Taras W. Didenko, MD


Angela Smolenski, APN

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Vadim Sitnyakovskiy, MA, LCPC


Vladimir Zinevich, MBA

Clinical Director for TMS Service Line

Office Manager

Iryna Shmudts

Billing Specialist